It’s a new year and a new decade and there’s no better time to examine your financial situation than now. I am excited to share something that I believe is crippling families across the country both financially and emotionally. That is credit card debt.

It is an ugly little secret that only you are aware of that is constantly at the forefront of your mind. For some, it is all-consuming and brings on daily added stress. I have been in this state myself. My husband, Ryan and I decided that after walking through one of the hardest times financially we had ever experienced, we were going to create something that would help families across the country get out of credit card debt. We wanted to help families avoid bankruptcy and all its negative side effects. Out of this hardship of our own, we now have a platform that we are extending to our Jackie family to show them that there is life after debt and we want to provide the tools to you that will allow you to get there.

The average American has four credit cards carrying balances that range from $8,398 or higher. This can seem completely manageable on a monthly basis when you see how low the monthly payment is. But it is important to realize that by paying your monthly payment, you are not driving the balance down and most of the payment made is credited to interest. Most of our clients never start using a credit card to supplement but over time, it becomes the “back up plan”. Credit card companies love you when you are paying the minimum payments but when that is no longer possible things change and the relationship with your credit card company takes on a completely different personality that you never saw coming.

This is all too familiar to me. I tell my clients that you have rights and there are options to discuss with one of our consultants. They can share the options with you and put a plan together that will allow you to eliminate your credit card debt within a reasonable time frame for a fraction of what you owe. If you try to attack the debt on your own it will take you years to pay off and cost you thousands more due to interest and fees. All of this is avoidable when you take the first step of actually sitting down and seeing what your financial situation is. It may be an uncomfortable conversation but a specialist will reassure you that you are not alone and offer a solution that works for you to become debt-free.

The old saying, “If you cannot manage a dollar, you will never be able to manage 100”, is true. When you gain a healthy respect for money something really magical happens. You begin to attract it due to your outlook and a healthy respect for it. Consider this your invitation to reach out and schedule a time to talk with myself or one of the specialists to get you on the track to financial freedom. There truly is life after debt.

We are so excited to now offer this to our clients and extended family in an effort to start the year off having power over your finances.