Trends to Try This Spring Inspired from NYC Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week just took place in NYC which means a lot of fashion shows, both on and off the catwalk, were happening. Part of the Jackie team was actually in the city at the same time for our annual Coterie trip. Coterie is a trade show we attend over three days to discover and handpick our favorite pieces from our favorite brands. 1,000+ retailers attend Coterie each year from all around the world. So, needless to say, we learn a lot about trends just by attending this show, not to mention by walking the streets of New York as well.

After studying trends in NYC to reading various blog posts that synthesize all of the high fashion trends, we bring to you 5 great trends that you should give a try this Spring.

Polka Dots

Polka dots may seem more of or maybe you’re thinking of a yellow polka dot bikini, but it can be so much more tasteful than that. At Jackie, we tend to opt for a more neutral polka dot, i.e., black and white. This ensures maturity and versatility. We also believe that you could totally rock a polka dot blouse but we would say opt for a dress or jumpsuit. Go all out, why not?


That’s right, you read right. Leather isn’t just for Fall and Winter. Nope, it is here for Spring this year too. Colored leather, leather pants, leather skirts, leather blazers, and leather vests. We vote yes for whatever feels like the most you!

Pinstripe Suits

Yes. Pinstripe blazers!! We love this. It’s simple and pretty classic. Think a white tee, pinstripe blazer paired with some good denim.


Probably one of my favorite trends. I love that this trend doesn’t necessarily mean a bright orange color. This color could be very muted and more of a rusted tangerine. It can be a dress, blazer, skirt and my personal favorite: a bathing suit.

Refined Denim

Whether you’re a Canadian tuxedo kind of gal and go all out or you keep it down to just one denim piece, refined denim is in. Refined can be defined a number of ways but to me, it means more intentional; denim that isn’t just plain. For example, a refined denim jacket that is taken up a level with some tassels or some fraying at the sleeves. I love this. I think it can totally personalize your denim pieces.

Here at Jackie informing our women on trends is a huge part of what we do.

*Actually you can try a Spring trend and look amazing wearing it.