Even for the most stylish and put together women, getting dressed can often seem like a daunting task. Perhaps you’re in a rut, your closet needs refreshing, or maybe you’re simply unsure about an event’s dress code. We’ve all been there, staring aimlessly at outfits that possibly could work, but now is not the time to play Carrie Bradshaw. So where do we begin? Here are a simple few tricks you can use to guide you through getting dressed when you have really, truly, absolutely have no idea what to wear.

Quality Basics

This first tip cannot be stressed enough. Investing in quality basic pieces is key for a quick, fashionable, pulled-together look. A crisp, white button-down, paired with solid black denim and your staple pair of black leather boots will always stand true. Spending a little more on a white button-down or a solid colored t-shirt, is worth it so you can turn to them over and over again without compromising on quality. These items are easy to repeat and always in style – when in doubt turn to them for an effortless formula that is timeless!

Know Your Audience

It’s common to be invited to an event with no indicated dress code, or to a friend’s birthday dinner at an unfamiliar spot. First things first, think about where you are going and do a little digging. If you know someone going to the same event, reach out and ask what they are wearing. Events during the day tend to be more on the casual side, while events at night let you dress up a look. Going to a specific venue? Check out that venue’s website or social media to get a quick sense of what kind of space it is. This will help you narrow your options. Still completely lost? Black on black, no matter the occasion or company you are with is always a winner year round.

Consider the Weather

If you don’t know what to wear for that awkward in-between weather – not so cold – not so hot – that plagues us year-round, layering is your best friend! For example, it’s easy to layer a thin turtleneck under a sweater with a sleek pant where you can take the sweater off later on in the day, rather than committing to being bundled up and not having an option to remove a layer.

Let’s Talk About Outfit Repeating

Comfort, in some cases, and knowing that you feel great in a killer outfit combination that you’ve already worn is truly one of the better things in life. It’s easy to get caught up in the noise and feel overwhelmed, but it’s crucial to take a step back and think, what do I feel most comfortable and confident in? What are the tried and true clothing items that always work? Take a scroll through your photos and get inspired by outfits you’ve already worn and loved. It’s okay to repeat an outfit  especially in a different setting with a different crowd!

Being Overdressed is a Good Thing

Isn’t it an awful feeling when you arrive somewhere and feel underdressed? To avoid this, always aim to be a tiny bit overdressed. Throw on some more than everyday statement earrings, grab a pop of color bag or a super structured blazer to achieve that slightly elevated and polished look. Always remember, there is no harm in being overdressed.

Plan Ahead

Think about it this way, for our already hectic lives, this means one less thing to think about in the morning before rushing out the door. If you aren’t one of those people to lay your outfit out from the night before, try brainstorming a general idea for what you feel like wearing. Maybe you’ve got this great new pair of pants that you have been dying to wear – start with one item and do a quick outfit build mentally so you know ahead of time the vibe you are going for. Even go as far as to write it in your notes on your phone so you don’t forget.

Don’t overthink the getting ready” process or make it more complicated than it has to be. Follow the simple tips above and you will be sure to rock any look.


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