We can all admit it. These past few weeks have been out of the ordinary. As women, our schedules have changed. We are no longer waking up the kids and driving them to school. We aren’t packing paper bag lunches. We aren’t heading into the office for afternoon meetings or running to after school soccer practice. If it hasn’t been a change in your family’s schedule, perhaps it has meant a major change for your business and the way it operates. The Coronavirus has had an impact on all of us in some way, shape or form and to put it frankly, it has been hard.

At Jackie, we believe in having hard conversations. We believe in acknowledging what is happening and looking for practical solutions in productive conversation. We believe that times of crisis and hardship aren’t permanent, but while we are experiencing difficulty, we want to be in community with other women who are experiencing similar situations. Above all else, we believe that our faith will guide us through these uncharted waters.

With Easter on the horizon, things have felt different. Easter traditions are shifting for many of us. There won’t be an Easter egg hunt with the entire neighborhood. We’ve had to reschedule family brunch. Maybe you didn’t even bother shopping for a new Easter dress in light of all that is happening. Perhaps the strangest adjustment of all, while we will still be celebrating the resurrection, we won’t be celebrating it at our home church with the physical presence of our communities.

There is such an interesting parallel for Easter 2020. As Holy Week comes to an end, we prepare ourselves for the resurrection, to celebrate all that Christ has done for us, all the while seeing so much pain, fear and anxiety, not just in our immediate communities but on a global scale. We want to invite you, as women of faith, to be strong. We invite you to source your strength from faith, by believing in something larger than yourself. When you can center yourself around a common truth, you can use that to encourage those around you.

We have a feeling that Easter 2020 will be one to remember, so rather than falling victim to what is happening globally, know that we will persevere. Remember what Easter stands for and find hope in that. More than that, be a beacon of hope for those around you. Being strong in times of crisis can be overwhelming, but know that this Easter season is one that is challenging all of us. Refuse to lose hope. Know that you are capable of more than you know and lean into your faith. It will give you what you need to encourage, uplift and empower those around you. Being a Jackie woman doesn’t just mean you have impeccable taste in clothes. It means that you are a woman of substance who is committed to making a difference. Be the strength that this world so desperately needs this Easter.

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