In light of Fashion Revolution Week, we want to share with you the value of investing in a sustainable wardrobe. If you aren’t familiar, Fashion Revolution Week takes place on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1,138 people and injured many more in 2013. The organization encourages people across the globe to campaign for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry.

As a company, it is our goal to partner with brands that are striving toward excellence in the way that they create and produce their clothing. We always ask the question, “#WhoMadeMyClothes?” At Jackie, we seek to partner with brands that make and manufacture their apparel ethically. Many of our brands are made in the USA and handcrafted by local designers. Brands like Jennifer Zeuner, Stateside and Maison Du Soir pride themselves in their locally crafted, USA made products and we are proud to represent their designs. We also advocate for supporting brands that provide an opportunity for those who make their products. For example, The Giving Keys and Vi Bella are two jewelry brands that Jackie loves to support. Both brands provide employment and a promising future for the men and women who create their products.

Quality over quantity is our motto. Buying less not only decreases the f materials produced by fast-fashion companies but also encourages women to buy something that will last a lifetime.  We pride ourselves on carrying high-end, sustainable pieces that help our clients build a wardrobe they love.

When you choose a sustainable subscription box like Jackie:

  1. You Are Saving Lives of those working in unethical factories. Perhaps the most glaring fault of the fashion industry is the unhealthy and unsafe working conditions. People should not have to work endless hours in horrific conditions in order to provide for their families. More than that, people should not have to put their lives at risk just so we can purchase a $10 tee shirt. Asking yourself “Who made this piece?” when you purchase a new essential for your wardrobe, not only helps you feel confident in your purchases, but it helps support brands that are treating their workers fairly. The more we support these brands, the more job opportunity there is for artisans in the fashion industry.

  2. You Are Saving the Environment by purchasing fewer materials and from companies that ensure ecological practices. Did you know that the fashion industry “emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined?” As we become a culture that is more concerned with protecting the environment, we have to think about the impact our own lives have on the global resources being used. Purchasing cheap clothes that can easily be replaced continues to put a strain on our planet. When you invest in a sustainable wardrobe created by brands that are concerned with protecting the earth’s resources, you are creating a better future, seriously.

  3. You Are Creating a Better Economy by supporting businesses that pay their workers a fair amount and supporting small businesses versus large corporate fast-fashion companies. At Jackie, we believe that small business makes the world go round! When you support a small business, you are supporting a dream.

  4. You Are Building a TimelessWardrobe. When you shop with Jackie, you are purchasing clothes that you can wear time and time again r. You are investing in pieces that are built to last, meaning you can pass these timeless pieces down to your loved ones and they will still be in style.

  5. You are Saving Money by purchasing pieces you will most likely not have to purchase again. Do you remember the last time you bought a cheap pair of jeans just because they fit? Do you remember how upset you were when they fell apart after just a few washes and wears? While it can seem like you are getting a good deal at the time, when you keep saying yes to fast fashion, not only are you wasting time, but you are wasting money. Challenge yourself to say yes to high-quality products that will last a lifetime. You and your wallet will thank you later.

The next time you click on that ad in your Instagram Feed that directs you to a fast-fashion site, think again and research the company. See where their values lie and always remember to ask, “Who made these clothes?” Rest assured, Jackie is committed to partnering with sustainable brands that we can offer to our clients in our Sustain Box. We all can make a difference, one purchase at a time.

If you are interested in purchasing a sustainable clothing box of your own, click here to apply to join today.