We wanted to give our Jackie ladies music to listen to as they cook, exercise, commute to the grocery store, work from home, or simply hang out. Each member of the team has put together a playlist of some of their favorite songs. Make sure to give a listen!

Amber’s Favorites

Amber’s taste in music includes classics like Whitney Houston and iconic musicians such as Jennifer Lopez and Coldplay.

Sabel’s Favorites


Sabel loves listening to John Mayer, Etta James for more of a slower vibe and to pick it up she enjoys jamming out to Justin Bieber’s latest album.

Brooke’s Favorites



Pop is Brooke’s go-to genre which includes female icons like Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello with a mix of up and coming artists like Joseph Tilley and Surfaces.

Lily’s Favorites




Lily can’t help but sing along to new and old Taylor Swift, throwbacks by Sean Kingston and Iyaz, and leans toward country music stars like Florida Georgia Line and Tim McGraw.

Abby’s Favorites




Abby loves a mix of the most successful artists: Jonas Brothers, the Dixie Chicks, the Beatles, Maroon 5 and The Rolling Stones.

Fun Facts About Music

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