“I have to be honest. I am a shopaholic but finding time to shop became more and more difficult as I began having children and growing businesses. As I juggled being an involved wife, mother, and business owner, it became absolutely essential that I had the right pieces in my wardrobe. I began to sign up for box subscriptions in hopes I would find one that would meet my needs and fit my personal style. After trying several subscription boxes, I became really frustrated. I found it hard to believe that there wasn’t a single subscription box that could really understand my styling needs. I then begin to think about how many other women were in the same boat. Out of this need, I created Jackie.


I wanted a boutique experience with quality brands delivered to my door monthly. I wanted it to be a personal experience led by a stylist who selected those items based on how I lived my life. I chose to name it Jackie because I wanted a name that represented a strong powerful woman who could walk in a room and immediately capture the attention of those around her. I happened to watch the documentary on Jackie Kennedy after leaving a meeting with my branding team and it all became abundantly clear to me. After seeing Jackie Kennedy tell her secret service to simply refer to her as Jackie rather than Mrs. Kennedy shortly after her husband was shot, I got it. Jackie was enough.


That is what we deliver to each and every one of our clients. It is our goal, above all else to make you feel like a million bucks every day. We deliver quality brands and show you exactly how to style them. We are real people making a difference in the lives of women across America. We are committed to helping women live their best, most confident lives. We can and we will.”