In many states, quarantine is coming to an end and we are starting to return to some sense of normalcy. Although things will look different than they did pre-COVID, we don’t think that returning to work should be overly stressful. In these strange times, the opportunity to resume our jobs and do what we love in a typical, office environment is a gift! We don’t want you to feel anything but prepared in your journey back to the office. Keep reading for our back to work tips.

Eat Breakfast

We know this might be common knowledge, but it is an essential first step in getting your routine back on track! Plus, making healthy choices in the morning and eating nutrient rich foods will help boost your immune system. One of the best ways you can support your immune system is by focusing on gut health. Make a Kefir smoothie to jumpstart your day. The probiotics will help with digestion and in turn, help you feel like your healthiest self. Click here for some smoothie recipes to help you kickstart your day.

Plan Your Outfits The Night Before

Let’s face it. It’s a big change going from your work from home joggers to summer button downs and blazers in the office. Remove the stress from getting ready in the morning by taking 10 minutes the night before to pick out your work outfit for the following day. If you are looking for some help preparing your back to work looks, text your Jackie stylist! If you don’t have one already, click here to apply to join.

Stock Your Desk

If you find yourself feeling stressed about office cleanliness, keep your workspace stocked with disinfecting essentials. Bring some hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to give your desk a deep clean at the start of each day. It will help you put your mind at ease as you focus on staying productive.

Be Productive Not Busy

One thing that so many of us learned while working from home is how much we can get done when we buckle down and get to work. Minimize distractions and focus on productivity. Filter out the noise and refuse to fall into the habit of playing defense with responding to emails as they pop up in your inbox. At the beginning of each day, create a list of what needs to be done. Accomplish those tasks and then move on to other requests that have made their way to your email inbox throughout the day. It’s one of the easiest ways to stay productive and not just busy.

Get Social

Chances are if you are returning to work, your office schedule might look a little different to accommodate limited people in the office at one time. While some of your coworkers might be overjoyed to be back in the office, others might feel extremely stressed and overwhelmed about returning to “business as usual.” Consider organizing an after work, outdoor happy hour where you can catch up with coworkers without the stress of being confined to the office. Just because things are changing doesn’t mean your work social life should take the backseat. Make an effort to bring people together in a safe, supportive environment.

While there are uncertainties about returning to work, there is so much to be excited about. It is our goal, above all else, to help you feel prepared for this transition. From the clothes you wear to managing your workload, Jackie has you covered.