The Jackie Team is sharing 25 activities and travels on their summer bucket list! We hope that you use this as inspiration and create your own summer bucket list. Download our template below to start creating your own!
  1. Spend a weekend at a lake house with family & friends.

  2. Host a BBQ and try out a new recipe. Click here for some Jackie-approved summer recipes.

  3. Rent a boat and spend a day on the water.

  4. Spend the days poolside reading favorite magazines: InStyle, Darling, and Entrepreneur.

  5. Explore a new place with significant other. We have our eye on an Alaskan cruise, a trip to the Rocky Mountains, visiting the coast of California, and hopping a flight to Nashville. Click here for our Nashville City Guide!

  6. Create a summer reading list and actually read from it. We recommend “In Five Years” by Rebecca Serle for a fun fictional read. This book has made us want to start a book club here at Jackie.

  7. Treat yourself to a summer haircut and color.

  8. Shop for a new 4th of July outfit.

  9. Perfect a few refreshing, summer cocktail and mocktail recipes.

  10. Stay committed to an exercise routine all summer, even on vacation. Click here for an at-home workout by our stylist Sabel.

  11. Go kayaking or hiking to explore the outdoors.

  12. Never miss a day of wearing sunscreen. A Jackie favorite is Supergoop.

  13. Stay hydrated. Yes, we say Squirt, a new favorite soda of ours, definitely counts. It’s like our other favorite, Topo Chico, but with sugar!

  14. Truly relax and decompress with mineral baths, Vitamin D, and a spa day.

  15. Travel to see family and friends both in and out of state.

  16. Work out with the Peloton community.

  17. Have family come visit for a staycation.

  18. Attend and appreciate weddings and bridal/baby showers.

  19. Take a weekend trip to a boutique hotel. West Palm Beach and Miami are on our radar!

  20. Try out local restaurants that you haven’t yet experienced. Make a reservation at the restaurant that you say you want to go someday when you pass by, but then forget about it when the time comes. We are excited to try some small local eats along the Florida coast!

  21. Have a sunset picnic.

  22. Attend the opera or local theatre production.

  23. Go to the top destinations in your area. That could be a state park, monument, or concert venue. We can’t wait to go to the number one beach in Florida, Siesta Key.

  24. Purchase new swimsuits and beach accessories. Click here for a link to our favorite beach towel pictured above.

  25. Take the family to an amusement park. Yes, Disney World is on our list.

Creating your own summer bucket list is a great opportunity to make the most of your summer. Spontaneous trips and activities make for the best memories. Our list will keep growing as the summer continues. The possibilities are endless when you truly think about it! Remember, what counts the most with these activities is who we spend it with. Our hope is that trips and plans we make this year, become traditions that we carry from one summer to the next. No need to feel down about your summer if you can’t complete your entire list this year. Take it one activity at a time and enjoy your summer!

Let us know if you make your summer bucket list and make sure to tag us @shop.jackie on Instagram.