We know that traveling can seem daunting in the era of COVID. You may not be doing much international travel, but domestic travel is an option that many are taking advantage of this summer. Let’s be honest, none of us expected the summer of 2020 to look the way it does, but we are adapting and making changes that allow us to continue doing what we love. For many of us, traveling is not something we are ready to give up this summer.

This summer, outdoor destination traveling is the way to go! The beaches and mountains are ready and waiting to be explored. City traveling should be saved for next year when you can experience the hustle and bustle without the anxiety that comes with COVID. As hard as it might be, pass on your regular summer trip to NYC or San Francisco and seek out new opportunities to explore our country. We recommend National Parks, State Parks; even booking a campsite or stay at a lodge. This summer is practically begging for glamping and experiencing the great outdoors! Keep in mind that every state and county is different with limitations and procedures.

Traveling by air or by car to some destinations is still an option for many in America and Jackie is here to provide some tips to make it easier in this time of COVID.

Prioritize Your Health

Your health is a priority. If you are feeling sick please don’t feel guilty for backing out of your trip or having to cancel plans of your family coming to visit. It is always best practice to care for yourself first! You and everyone else will be grateful in the end. If you are feeling great, then it’s on! The fight against corona canceling your fun has started.

Pack The Perfect Toiletry Bag

Let’s make sure you have the basics. Pack as you normally would for a trip according to your destination and length of stay. Our accessories and toiletry bags look a little different these days. Here is a mini checklist:

  • Disposable Masks: You will not want to be wearing the same mask through travel and the vacation. Click here for disposable masks.

  • Reusable Masks. If you have a washer and dryer easily available at your travel destination, definitely pack a few of your favorite reusable masks. Not only are they better for the environment, but they will look better with the outfits you have picked for your summer getaway! One of our favorite options for affordable, reusable masks that give back is Strut This. Click here to shop their mask collection.

  • Acne-Fighting Skincare Products: Wearing masks in the summer isn’t super comfortable. More than that, it isn’t great for your skin, but it is a necessity in many states! Come prepared with your favorite anti-acne skincare products to keep your skin clear and hydrated during your travels. We love Indie Lee’s Blemish Stick and Mighty Patch.

  • Travel Hand Sanitizer: Whether you prefer a more natural option or a classic bottle of Purell, make sure you and everyone traveling with you has their own bottle of hand sanitizer.

  • Antibacterial Wipes: These are a necessity especially if you are flying. Throw a pack of antibacterial wipes in your bag to easily wipe down surfaces, especially the seat on your plane! Click here for our favorite travel wipes.

  • Hand Moisturizer: With frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer use, your hands can become very dry. Fight dry skin with your favorite hand lotion! Click here for a hand cream we love.

  • A Mini Steamer: Steaming helps kill the germs and keeps your clothes wrinkle-free. We recommend this travel-sized steamer.

Make Reservations

When dining at restaurants, make lunch and dinner reservations ahead of time and ask their procedures when it comes to COVID-19. Due to the maximum capacity restrictions in some states, having a reservation can ensure your spot when capacity is lower. If weather permits, the safer option is to eat outside. We could all use more fresh air!

Check Your Flight Status

If you are flying to your destination check on your flight multiple times leading up to the day of the flight as airlines are making changes frequently. Download the app for the airline you are traveling with and keep your notifications on. Another option is signing up for flight status updates via text when you check-in for your flight online. Stay in the know to avoid the inconvenience that comes with delayed and canceled flights!

Be in Communication With Your Host

If you are staying in a hotel, Air BNB, VRBO, condominium, or other rental make sure to call ahead prior to make sure everything is good to go. Ask for frequent change of linens, towels, and washcloths if possible. Or, if you are traveling locally, bring your own linens for peace of mind!

Remember to Relax!

Even though it can feel impossible at times, do your best to escape from COVID worries. Remember that this too shall pass. The most we can do is stay safe, be prepared, and give ourselves time to disconnect and unwind. If that means taking some time to yourself on a beach, or going on early morning walks, make time for what helps you ease the anxiety that so many of us are feeling during these times. COVID doesn’t have to interfere with your travel plans. It is all about making safe and informed changes to your travel plans to accommodate for this new normal.