Compared to the slower quarantine days, it seems as if the summer months are quickly passing us by. We look forward to those cool, fall evenings as we brave the summer heat. We can’t help but daydream about pumpkin-spiced treats, bonfires, fall foliage, and the most anticipated of them all: fall fashion pieces. There is nothing better than slipping into like a cozy cardigan and feeling a chill in the air. Transitioning your wardrobe to fall is a necessary part of preparing for the season ahead. Jackie is here to keep you inspired when it comes to building your time capsule wardrobe that will carry you from season to season.

1. Ignore The Rules. 

Yes, you can wear white after labor day. White booties are a fall essential. Make sure not to store away any basic tees, bodysuits, button-downs, or silks in white or of any color. This is especially true for ladies who live in perpetual summer; California and Florida residents, we are talking to you! We know that September, October, and even November can be some of your warmest months. If you fall into this category, make sure to hold on to some of your favorite summer trends just a little while longer.

2. Know How to Layer 

Look for light cardigans and sweaters that you will be able to pair with a summer dress. Reaching for deeper colors and richer textures will be the more suitable option when the even colder months arrive. We can’t wait to send out the new shipment of Brochu Walker sweaters in Jackie client’s boxes. Not a Jackie client? Apply here.

3. Have the Right Footwear

Fall shoe shopping is our favorite. When it’s time to put our summer sandals away, the return of our favorite luxe fabrics like suede and leather is something we always look forward to. Reach for styles like open-toed suede booties. They are made for early fall. Ballet flats and loafers are other prominent fall shoe options. For a statement shoe, try a print like paisley, an embossed texture, or metallic colors.

4. Invest in Statement-Making Pieces

We love a unique jacket whether it be leather, denim, a trench coat, or a classic bomber jacket. Hold off on the furs and on the puffers for now. While it can be tempting to go straight for your favorite cold-weather pieces, a vest is better for fall. Keep your winter coats waiting just a few months longer! A muted or richly colored shorts suit paired with booties is definitely a note-worthy fall transitional look. Another piece to elevate any outfit is a Lack of Color felt hat. We offer these items in Jackie boxes.

5. Make Room in Your Closest

Stow summer items away and move fall items to the front of your closet. When looking at your fall items, pick the ones you see yourself wearing again this season. If you don’t see yourself wearing the items, give your clothes away to a friend or consignment or donation center. if you need a step by step on how to refresh your wardrobe each season, click here.

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