Keely is a dancer, a cat person and lover of anything fashion and styling. When she’s not styling her clients at Jackie, you can find her teaching dance, at the beach, or cuddled up with her cat reading a book. Her favorite part of styling? Helping clients find pieces that make them feel their absolute best. She shares, “There is no better feeling than walking into a room in your favorite dress or killer pair of shoes. I want to help my clients make picking out an outfit their favorite part of each day.

What Happened When I Stopped Budget Shopping

Years ago, I struggled with loving my wardrobe. I had always wanted to be that person who was effortlessly stylish. I knew I had the style capabilities and made a living off of styling clients closets. Still, I felt as though my personal selection of clothing was just missing the mark. It wasn’t what I wanted and it wasn’t working anymore. I decided to clear out my closet and focus on creating a great base full of pieces that would be versatile and dependable. I came to the conclusion that purchasing high quality pieces would only benefit me and last for years to come. Here’s what I learned when I restructured my wardrobe and started investing in these pieces.

If you want your clothes to last, fast fashion is NOT an option. 

This may seem obvious, but items produced by fast fashion brands are not built to last. They are sold at a low price point because they are quickly manufactured resulting in poor quality. Often, fast fashion brands produce mass quantities of items that follow the trends. Trends come and go, so if you are only shopping in these stores, your closet will continually need a refresh. Higher quality brands often produce trendy pieces that are still timeless, making it fun to splurge on a trend with the comfort of knowing you can still wear the piece once the trend has passed. They also utilize higher quality materials that, in turn, leave you with quality pieces in your closet. Look for brands that are committed to sustainability, who actively combat fast fashion and produce clothing that is built to last. Don’t settle for less just because it is readily available. 

It’s not splurging if you’re investing in the right pieces. 

You might think, “Why would I splurge on a tee-shirt? I’m going to wear it so often, I’ll just need to replace it soon anyways.” This is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about investing in wardrobe basics. I also used to think this way, until I invested in my first high quality tee-shirt. That was almost five years ago and that same tee is still in my weekly rotation. Yes, I paid more for it upfront, but I was not having to replace that shirt because of wear and tear after a few wears. The fit has lasted the test of time and the ease of having something I know looks good on me no matter what, is priceless. 

Investing in your wardrobe means investing in your personality.

I no longer have to worry about whether or not I will show up to a girl’s night or an event in the same dress as one of my friends. Since I am no longer shopping mass produced items from the same stores as everyone else, I have virtually eliminated the possibility of matching with anyone else. I now know that I will show up and be the person that everyone will ask where I got my outfit. Talk about a confidence boost!

I have developed a solid closet of basics and statement pieces by allowing myself to spend on the things that matter. You’re a quality woman. Shouldn’t your wardrobe reflect that too? We all know how good we feel when we are wearing our favorite jeans or dress. You can feel that way every day by building a wardrobe of quality, fool-proof pieces that show off who you are. Investing in your closet is investing in yourself and I promise, you are worth every penny! 

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