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Shop Conscious.
Introducing Jackie V.

Our newest manifesto of brands that aim to take a stand against fast fashion.


Jackie V

The word is out about the icky practices of the Fashion industry at large. At Jackie V, we’ve become acutely aware of these unethical operations and we’re committed to making shopping with a conscience more easily accessible.

Feel confident and kind, knowing that the clothes you love were made with sustainability in mind. Join us in our passion for the welfare of people, animals, and the planet!


Ethical fashion means that the makers are treated fairly and respectfully.


Sustainability starts with companies who care about environment over profit.


Vegan friendly clothing and accessories don’t exploit or harm animals.

Happier People

Transparency is extremely important to us. We know the makers of our pieces are paid adequately and enjoy their work environment and quality of life.

Healthier Planet

From plant based dyes and recycled materials to nearby supply chains with lower emissions, each Jackie V brand is doing their part to be eco-conscious.

Safer Animals

There will never be wool in a sweater, silk in a blouse or skirt, or leather in your shoes or handbags. Instead, you will find high quality alternatives.


Sustainable Brands

Each Jackie V box contains clothing & accessories that are vegan friendly, and ethically made. From everyday wear to special one-of-a-kind-pieces, you’re sure to love what’s in your consciously curated Jackie V box!