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No endless browsing to find quality items that fit. No boxes full of random items that don’t make sense for your closet. We send you boutique brands to match your needs monthly. We’re all about:
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"Style isn't about the clothes, but rather the confidence portrayed by the woman wearing them."

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What’s your favorite color to wear? Black or White .. as basic as they come.
What was the last great book you read? The last great book… The Lioness by Lisa Bevere…
Who is your #stylegoals? #Stylegoals for me would be Jennifer Lopez.. she never has a bad style day!
Best curated instagram feed: Ruthielindsey nails it! She defines living life to its fullest. Something Navy is spot on with fashion and style. Any and all Frenchie pages Im a sucker for… they make me smile.
Tell us what you are most passionate about? I love creating so business is definitely one of my passions. My other being I love to empower people to be their best true authentic self. Inside every human being is such beauty and talent and I love to extract that out of someone and watch them come alive.
How many outfits did you try on before going out today? Usually 2!
What’s your favorite thing about Jackie? Favorite thing… watching passion and hard work collide into this amazing company Jackie which we are able to share with the world. love that!
What’s your drink of choice? depends on day and time… i must have coffee… but I always love a good glass of buttery oaky chardonnay...