Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Jackie?

Jackie is a premium styling service that connects women with quality brands, boutique styles, and most importantly, a personal stylist. Jackie is an application only service, meaning you must apply to join if you are interested in being styled by Jackie. Once accepted, you will receive a phone call from a stylist who will spend time learning about your personal style, wardrobe needs and budget. You will then be paired with your own personal stylist who will select styles just for you.

Each box contains clothing and accessories for you to try on at home. Keep what you love and send the rest back. Jackie is about more than the clothing. We exist to help women better understand themselves by being a relentless voice of positivity and encouragement in their lives.

How much does it cost?

Our price points vary by brand. Your non-refundable $39.99 styling fee will be credited towards a purchase of $100 or more. The total purchase price for our boxes range from $300-$1500+ with 5-8 items included in each Jackie box. You can keep as many, or as few pieces as you’d like in each box. As your stylist gets to know your style, we find most clients keep the majority of the included styles in their Jackie box.

What types of items can I expect?

Because our clients’ tastes are varied, we carry a wide range of items. We offer wardrobe building basics, as well as seasonal trends to incorporate into your wardrobe. We are constantly signing on with new brands and offering fresh styles to accommodate our clients’ ever changing wardrobe needs.

What ages can you style?

Each shipment is completely customized to fit your individual preferences and needs. We carry a diverse inventory that allows us to choose pieces that will perfectly complement your personal style, regardless of your age. However, you must be at least 18 to order a box delivery.

How does sizing work?

Because we constantly validate sizing to ensure consistency among the many brands we carry, we may choose to ship you a different size than what you have shared with your stylist. Don’t worry about the size on the tag, we're just making sure we're sending you items that will fit you best.

Can you style me throughout my pregnancy?

Absolutely. At Jackie, we style women in all phases of life, pregnancy and postpartum included. Your stylist will help you find fashionable, comfortable clothing that makes you feel like your most confident self throughout your pregnancy journey.

Can I request specific pieces?

We recommend giving your stylist an idea of what types of pieces you’re looking for so that she can choose new items you’ll love from our inventory here at Jackie. Our focus on personal shopping allows us the opportunity to custom buy for our clients. Be as specific as possible when telling your stylist what you are looking for. That will help her find styles that best meet your styling needs.

Do you ship internationally?

Jackie only ships within the continental U.S.

When will my credit card be charged?

For each scheduled box, a $39.99 styling fee will be charged after your stylist begins styling for you. This styling fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. That styling fee will be credited towards a purchase of $100 or more. Once your box is received by the Jackie team, you will be charged for only the items you kept. See Returns for more on the checkout period.

Why do I see two charges on my account at the time of my box?

While it might appear to be two separate charges, one is for the $39.99 styling fee, and the other is simply a hold for the contents of the Jackie box. Jackie recommends that you use a credit card due to our pre-authorization policy ensuring that there is available credit on the form of payment issued.

Does the style fee roll over if I decide not to keep anything?

Your styling fee can only be applied to a purchase from your current box. It will not roll over to your next shipment and it will not be refunded. Our number one priority is to personalize your box so you find at least one item you love and can put your styling fee to good use. If you decide not to keep anything in your box, make sure to leave feedback with your stylist so we can improve our item selection for you in the future.

How do automatic deliveries work?

Jackie is a subscription service. While we do offer in-house styling sessions for local clients, the majority of the women we style live across the U.S. When you sign up, your stylist will help you determine which subscription frequency is right for you; quarterly, or monthly.

How do I change or cancel my automatic deliveries?

You can cancel or skip your subscription by contacting or calling your stylist at (800) 712-9209. As a client, you have unlimited box skips, but you cannot skip 3 consecutive boxes. If you skip a box twice in a row, you have to receive a box on your next order date to keep your subscription active. If you choose to skip a third time, we will have to cancel your subscription.

You can also manage your subscription within your Jackie account. Once logged in, click on “Manage Subscription.” Select “Edit” located to the right of your subscription. Then select “Change Next Shipment Date.” If we’re already working on your next shipment, you won’t be able to skip it but subsequent boxes will be skipped.

How do returns work?

Returns are always free. You will find a prepaid return label in the package with your order. We will follow up 2 days after your delivery to see how you liked your box and to confirm what you’ll be keeping. Make sure you reply to let us know. Keep what you love and send back the rest. It’s that easy.

Can I wear the clothes and then send them back?

Make sure to try everything on at home, but don’t wear them out unless you intend to purchase them. Any items that are worn, damaged, or have tags removed will be charged to your account.

How long do I have to send back the items I don’t want to keep?

Returns are to be dropped off or picked up by the mail carrier specified on your return label within five business days of receiving the package. If the fifth day falls on a Sunday or holiday, please have your returns shipped back the following business day. If your returns aren’t postmarked accordingly, we will assume you are keeping all your items and charge your credit card for the entire shipment.

How do I contact Jackie for customer support?

Phone: 1-800-712-9209
Corporate Address: 816 Manatee Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34208