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We believe that women have the power to be uniquely themselves, capable, beautiful and bold - apart from expectation.

The Jackie Story.

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We want women to know how freaking awesome they are.

Jackie is a lifestyling service that launched in October 2017. We aim to empower women by styling them to help them look and feel their very best. Whether you are spending time with your family or building a business, life is too short to put your personal needs aside. We believe that wearing the very best results in a better, more confident you.

We love the idea of making a woman feel like a million bucks in all of their everyday activities. Run by a team of women who juggle kids, other businesses, husbands and dogs… we get it!

Enough. Free from the mirror, the scale, or others opinions. That they can be soft and kind and still fiercely powerful. That they can be and do all that they want. And most importantly, that they never allow anyone to put a “period” where a “comma” should go- mom, student, board member, artist, traveler, dreamer and doer of great things.

We believe women shouldn’t have to choose.

Live your Life.No Permissions Needed.


Jackie is a lifestyling service that promotes women by connecting them with quality brands, replacing excess with substance, and creating avenues for generosity one to another. We exist to help women better understand themselves by being a relentless voice of positivity and encouragement in their lives.

We Value Strength.

Our stylist's are here to encourage, support, and empower our Jackie clients. We believe strength is derived from within and our goal is to make women feel like a million dollars with how they present and relate in the real world.